System Requirements

  • Clients
    Standard Web browser (Internet Explorer®, Netscape Navigator®) with tables support. Platforms tested so far are listed below (more to come):

    Operating System
    Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/NT/2000/XP Netscape® 4.5, 6
    Internet Explorer® 4, 5, 6
    SGI TM IRIX® 6.x Netscape® 4.5
    Sun Microsystems® Solaris® 2.X Netscape® 4.5
    Internet Explorer ® 5, 6
    RedHat TM
    Mandrake TM
    Linux TM Netscape® 4.5, 6
    Opera 4 Beta
    Mozilla 1.0+
    Konquerer 2.1
    Apple® Mac OS 9 Netscape® 4.5

    Extensive testing ensures reliability and compatibility.

  • Server

    RedHat Linux 7.2
    Apache Web Server
    MySQL Database

    Recommended Hardware

    512 MB RAM
    500 MHz CPU or higher
    100 MB Hard drive space + 2 GB for Database

  • Server Benchmark
    We want to give you an idea of the performance to expect from a mid-level server.

    PIII 800 MHz (Dual)
    512 MB RAM

    Average Page Execution Time: 40 ms